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Online Wedding Planning Tips and Tools is an online community to celebrate the birth of a baby, wedding, anniversary, birthday or life story with family and friends. Creating a themed website takes just two minutes, but the memories will last forever.
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Share your joy with family and friends.
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Chart moments and milestones as they grow.
Protect memories of your special day.
A place where others can share your joy.
Receive messages of congratulations.
Celebrate the story of a life together.
Share moments of laughter and happiness.
Cherish the love that keeps on growing.
Collect precious memories in one place.
Celebrate what's important in life.
A gift to be treasured for generations.
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Wissam Koukash
Website created by Wissam Koukash on 07/25/2008.
Website created by NII DOODU NUNOO on 07/26/2008.
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As part of the Library of Life, raises funds for the Red Cross and Red Crescent by making a donation each time a website is sponsored.
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