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As part of the Library of Life, is a unique way to celebrate the birth of your baby and share the moments of joy with family and friends. An everlasting website helps you record the first days and chart every milestone and memory as your child grows. It also makes a loving gift to pass on in years to come because it lasts forever.

Click here to create an everlasting website for your baby.

Customize your baby's website with a theme that reflects their personality.
You can change your theme whenever you wish with one simple click.
Themes:  1 - 4
  • Your baby's story, including a narrative of experiences and events (example).
  • A guestbook for family and friends to add their contributions (example).
  • A photo album, with up to 300 captioned photos (example).
  • Up to 15 audio and video clips (example).
  • Greetings for visitors to send you short messages of congratulations (example).
  • A mailing list of people who would like to be notified whenever the website content is updated.
  • Milestones - a chronological list of milestones and memories as your baby grows (example).
  • A family tree for your child to cherish in years to come (example).
  • Creating and editing your website is free. Hosting of a limited website is free. For information on everlasting hosting of a full-featured website see pricing.
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www. now helps you send a FREE baby e-card. Choose a fun theme, add a photo and share your joy with family and friends.

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Samantha Horsley-Redding
Jing, Shen Kang was found on November 27th 2004 in the Jing De Zheng city helping station, China. Follow Samantha's adventure with her adopted family over the coming weeks as she makes her way to a new life in America.
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As part of the Library of Life, raises funds for the Red Cross and Red Crescent by making a donation each time a website is sponsored.
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