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Welcome from Stephen Forsyth
My name is Stephen Forsyth and I am the Chairman and Founding Trustee of the Library of Life, My first thoughts for the creation of the Library of Life came about when remembering all the good parts of my life, my family, my friends and all the experiences I have enjoyed, mostly good, and some bad. The times I spent with my brother Jamie, who sadly passed away nine years ago, seem most special of all. I often feel that there is so much I may not have known about him, or even forgotten. A record of his life, written by him, would have meant so much to me and other members of our family.

I am fortunate to have survived a major lung transplant after suffering from pulmonary fibrosis for a number of years. A life-threatening illness helps one to reflect upon life and bring you closer to family and friends. However, there never seemed to be an appropriate time to show them how much they all mean to me or to share the many lessons I have learned throughout my life. It is those thoughts and friendships that should be committed to the Library of Life. The one thing that comes out of those thoughts is that everyone counts, everyone matters and everyone is special. I have many memories to record yet my tale is just like that of everyone else.

The Library of Life was launched in 2004 at the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum. The website has so much to offer, but most of all it allows us to honor and respect our family and friends and indeed to remember the areas of life that are important to us. This site isn't about sadness. It is about celebration. The fun, the laughter, the respect and making the good times last forever. I truly believe that the memories of us all should be recorded and made available to our descendents so that they can also enjoy our experiences.

How you can help
With your help we can ensure that the Library of Life is a vehicle to bring families together in unity and understanding and that we can share this with our fellow citizens of the world. Whatever your background, please join us in our vision by contacting Henry Chamberlain today at
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