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Many people have found celebrating a life event and sharing their memories a truly meaningful experience. Some of our users have written to share their thoughts and feelings about Here is some of what they had to say:
"The idea is great and probably what the internet should be all about." - Christian Tingstrom
"I think it's wonderful that you offered people a chance to tell their stories and share their memories with those they care about. For me this site is perfect... Well done." - Sara Cantini
"Thanks and well done. I'm planning on coming back regularly to update my website. It provides a place where I can visit in years to come and share with my friends and family. So I just wanted to say that I think this site is really great." - Andrew Cash
"I created a site for my grandma to for her birthday. The best part was sorting her old photographs and talking to her about each one. It's amazing how much I learnt about my grandparents and she enjoyed it more than I could have imagined." - Harry Smith
"I think this site is very easy to use, easy to understand and provides a great service… Too often children grow up knowing little about their own family. This site allows the whole family to take part and share their happiness together." - Theresa Hackett
"The reason I have started to write about my life is for this reason, I have hundreds of pictures and hours of video, but who will explain to my children and their children about the emotion and the stories that are carried with them? Thank you." - Luke Thompson
"...sometimes I find myself coming back just to watch the slideshow of my pictures. It's a wonderful trip down memory lane." - Sandra Huff
"I wanted to write to tell you what a brilliant idea the website is. Its strange how you go about your day and then some old thought comes into your head... It makes me smile and remember the good times. This website is all about these times. I'm going to keep adding to it." - Cassandra Mason
"The site is great! It's super easy to use." - Ben dos Reis
"It has everything... a place to tell her story, keep her photos together and let everyone share in her happy memories. This site is truly unique and everyone who I've shown it to loves it. They will all be creating a site for their loved ones too." - Bryony Wise
"Our family is spread all over the country... Putting all his old memories together in one place was the best present we could have given him. Thanks so much." - Rod Sanderson
"Thanks to you we have been able to create a wonderful website that will last for all future generations of our family. It's brought great comfort to us. Thank you again." - Mary Mitchell
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